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Feb 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Building Materials, Energy Efficiency, Insulation

While we had originally decided to go with Tiger Foam as it was geared for the do it yourselfer. It turned out that it would actually be about the same cost to have the house insulated professionally. While that is not normally the case, it was for us due to the local cost of the Tiger Foam. Instead the decision was made to go with a 2lb foam manufactured by BASF called WALLTITE ECO®. With an R-value of 7 5.6 per inch and the additional benefits such as air/vapor barrier not to mention the added structural integrity to areas it is sprayed, it is an impressive product. It also appears to be one of the more environmentally friendly versions of spray foam. Using recycled content and bio-based renewable materials in its creation. It also uses zero-ozone-depleting blowing agent not to mention the product is purple. To top it off they have a very cool looking frog as their mascot and is personally recommended by Mike Holmes himself.

“I believe WALLTITE® is the best way to insulate. They stand behind their product and are constantly improving it with research and development. It’s a top quality product that’s number one in the marketplace.” – Mike Holmes

To top it off BASF will stand behind their product as long as it is installed by one of their certified and approved applicators. Could it get any better then that?

UPDATE: WALLTITE ECO® is not R-7 per inch as it was suggested but R-5.6 per inch. Sorry for the confusion, but that is what I was told by the installers.

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