Bladerunner reviewed

Dec 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Tools

If you missed my first post about BladeRunner, you can find it here.

One thing I can say about using the BladeRunner is that the cuts are a lot cleaner, and there is very little need for a rasp.   As the unit cuts the drywall paper on both sides at the same time, breaking away the cutoffs is very simple.  You simply bend the cutoff down, then up, and remove.  It is that simple.  When trimming less than an inch off a section of the drywall, it is a little more time-consuming to remove the cutoff as it tends to break off in pieces but in the end, you are left with a clean cut.  One thing to note was that it is best to work with the drywall laying down rather than standing up as it allows you to walk around the drywall rather than bending over when cutting.  I am sure I would have gotten the hang of using it both ways, but I always seemed to angle the cut when I tried to cut the drywall standing up.   One thing I found is that the slot for the tape measure tang or lip tends to be smaller than the tang on my tape measure.  The first tape measure that I used had a hook that was too large and it keep sliding out of the groove as I moved across the sheet.  The purchase of a cheap $5.00 tape measure solved the problem.   Most of the time when cutting a sheet of drywall I did not need it to be 100% accurate and I would just draw a line and freehand it.  One quick swipe of the BladeRunner and the section would snap off.

So is the tool worth the asking price?  I would have to say yes.   Once I figured out the trick to using it and got the hang of it, it did speed up the cuts.  As I was working alone in an unheated house at -14, anything to speed up the installation was worth it.  Even now that I have heat, I find it handy to use the tool and wonder why it took so long for someone to invent it.

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