BladeRunner – the pitch

Dec 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Tools

BladeRunnerIf you have ever installed drywall you know that nothing has changed in the way it is installed in the last twenty years.   So when I saw the advertisement for the BladeRunner, I wanted to check it out.  The concept seems simple enough.  The tool is designed so that each half contains a sharp cutting blade that cuts the drywall as it is moved across it.  The two halves are held together by rare-earth magnets which allow the two halves to act as one unit as it is slid across a sheet of drywall.  As the blade advances, the two blades cut the drywall paper on both sides, which allows for a clean break.  As the concept seems so simple, I am not sure why it has not shown up on the market before.

While it is advertised to save time, the question is it worth the asking price of $70.00?   We will see.

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