A new adventure begins

Sep 25th, 2007 | By | Category: Background

It is finally going to happen. Tomorrow our old home for the past eight years is going to be torn down to make way for our new home.  While it was not an easy decision to to tear down our old home, I we think it was the right decision.  While the old home suited our needs, it is over fifty years old, and only 750 sq. feet. As we hope to have a family one day, it would be nice to have a larger home and maybe something a little more energy efficent. Soon it will be a distant memory.

UPDATE:  Well it took less then a day to tear down the old house and remove it.  It happened so quickly that I was not even able to get any pictures of the demolition or removal.  The next day they completed digging the hole for our new home and were gone.  From what my neighbors tell me the house was reduced to a pile in less then 20 minutes.  So the moral of this post is if you want to snap a couple pictures, make sure you know when they are coming and be there on time.

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